* a Client will be considered a hunter if 2 or more animals are taken.

  • Unless different arrangements are made – please reserve your flight to JOHANNESBURG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.
  • One of our representatives will be there with a sign indicating your name and will be dress in GLOBAL SAFARI uniform
  • The trip to the lodge will be about 3 – 4 hours with a stop for lunch or dinner depending on arrival time
  • No extra cost for the trip to and from airport. When departure or arrival are different for an individual that is part of a group a 100 usd will be charged
  • No vaccines, injections, or malaria meds – make sure your Tetanus shots are up to date

  • Cigarettes can be bought but I cannot guarantee the brand. CHEWING TABACO NOT AVAILABLE IN SA
  • Video your hunt by drone and have this experience forever. From arrival to departure - MORE INFO AND PRICES ON REQUEST
  • We hunt year around

  • Rooms with either twin or queen size beds, all en suite some with showers, air conditioning, electric blanket, and down duvets for winter.
  • We have most of the adapters and converters needed as well as hairdryers
  • We provide shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel.
  • Clean towels daily.
  • Daily laundry, same day service will be provided

  • Free wi-fi but slow and not ideal for video calls or Skype.

  • Comfortable clothes - Warm jacket - 1 light jacket – winter time it is good to layer up, 1 pair light leather or canvas boots (worn in) Pair of gloves - Cap or hat (wide brim will be good) No orange or bright colours for hunting, natural colours like greens, beige, blues, khaki. Camo hunting clothes can be worn
  • Swimming clothes
  • Please remember that we do your laundry every day, so please, do not over pack
  • Binoculars
  • Mosquito repellent, sunscreen
  • Razor with blades or batteries
  • Sunglasses
  • Flashlight
  • Personal medical kit!

  • Meals will be according to your taste, lots of game meat on the menu
  • Best of South African Wines, local beer, soft drinks, bottled water and local alcoholic beverages – all at no cost
  • It is important that you complete our booking form to help us plan the catering Any special dietary requirements need to be send beforehand please. Diabetics should bring their meds as well as snacks as we do not have the same available in SA

TYPICAL DAY WITH GLOBAL SAFARIS This may vary as a result of weather or/and season that you will be hunting We prefer not to hunt on Sundays and would do excursions or just have a good resting day, maybe hunt a few birds for fun Each vehicle has an ice chest with cold soda’s and bottled water
  • Breakfast will be early morning 6-7, e.g. - filter coffee, juice, cereal, yogurt, muffin, eggs, bacon, toast, cheese, ham
  • Return to camp when it is hot and the animals lay down
  • Lunch will be at 12-1 – e.g. lasagne, salad, bread
  • Rest or leisure in camp and by the pool – go hunting 3.30-5pm (when it cools down)
  • Dinner 8 -9pm – meat, vegetable, salad, bread potatoes or rice, desert
    You may go out for the day to a different area but we will provide lunch boxes and drinks.

  • Vary between the different provinces and time of year so it is best to find out shortly before you pack
  • Temperatures – remember we have opposite seasons
    Visit web sites Kimberley area – Ulco Mount Rupert our closest wheaten stations and Thabazimbi for Limpopo
    Summer – mornings and nights 50-60 up to 90-100 at midday
    Winter – mornings and nights 30-40 up to 50-70 in day time
    Spring / Autumn – mornings and nights up to 40-50 – midday 70-80
  • Rainy months – Nov thru to Feb, occasional showers in March and April

  • To rent at 50usd per day, amo included. All rifles have good optics that are suitable for the calibre and the area that we hunt. Some have silincers.
  • Shotguns – 50usd per day, shells to be paid separately.
    Visitors bringing firearms into South Africa for hunting purposes must fill in form SAP520: Temporary Import Application
  • We advise our clients to do this 2-3 months ahead of arrival and to use our association – Phasa or a similar company. You will receive your pre- approved permits which make arrival here much less stressful
  • GUIDELINES FOR COMPLETING FORM SAP520 - The form itself is available at www.saps.gov.za or under Doc’s on this web page
Fill in the form beforehand. Black ink must be used. Form should be left unsigned. Please note that not all sections of the form apply. Section D temporary import or export permit. Section E- 1 25.4. Section G. Section I as requested. Section J. Remember sign in front of Police Officer.
  • Bring proof of ownership - your customs form
  • Invitation letter from hunting outfitter – see under doc’s
Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant hunting minimum calibre 375 is required, Lions, leopards Big game: 40 full metal jacket cartridges as well as 40 soft point cartridges are required,

Antelope and medium game calibres, 7mm/ 300, win mag or 30-60 will be sufficient. At least 50 soft point cartridges

  • Activities such as day trips can be done = prices on request
  • Extended trips to Cape Town, Sun City of any other tourist destination are done at an INCLUSIVE price for driving or fliying, guiding, accommodation, drinks and 2 meals a day. Activities for own pocket and prices available on request
  • See more info and prices under doc’s
  • GLOBAL SPA – massages, pedi & mani’s etc
  • SMALL curios shop with Global shirts , jackets, etc

  • Price list of the year that you come to hunt will apply.
  • Accommodation, meals, drinks, daily laundry, guiding, tracking, skinning of trophies and delivering of prepared heads and skins to taxidermist is all included in the donation
    • Any flights
    • Government VAT at 14% on day fees and animals wounded,
    • Taxidermy, chemical preparation, ship-and-dip,
    • Trophy fees on animals shot or wounded
    • Rifle hire and ammunition.
    • Air charters if needed, and accommodation before and after contract period
    • Gratuity fees for staff - bring small bills, 4 drivers/skinners/guides, 4 lodge personnel PH. Ronald, Rene and
    • Carolien
    • Curio purchases
    • Additional excursions
    • Cites and dangerous game permits
    • Imported Liquor
    • Personal telephone calls and faxes,

  • We take usd cash, only VISA , MASTER AND AMEX.
  • A deposit of 30% of the day fees will confirm your booking (when applicable) and the balance is payable on date of departure.
  • Payments must be made in US/ Euro currency via credit card (see authorization form) or swift transfer to our bank in SA. We also have an account with VISTA bank in USA.
  • Banking fees are for the clients’ account.
  • Although prices are subject to change without prior notice, all tariffs will be confirmed 7 days before arrival
  • It is the law: all animals wounded must be paid in full
  • Deposits are non-refundable

  • Rifle and bow hunting can be done. Dark moon periods are better for bow hunting as well as later in the year when it is dry.
  • Varmint hunting, bird hunts, day trips and fishing does are qualify for the rebate of the donation you bought
  • The animals not native to our area – Springbuck, Black wildebeest, Hartman Zebra and Red Lechwe are available in other areas like Northern Cape and will require travelling and extra cost
  • The Eastern Cape animals – Cape Bushbuck, Blue duiker, Cape grys buck, Klipspringer and Vaal Reedbuck – prices on request
  • The terrain varies between dense bush and open savannah and grasslands
  • Walk and stalk mostly but animals can also be hunted from the vehicle
  • We have blinds that can be used if that is preferred
  • Price lists and packages ON REQUEST