Any flights, Government VAT at 14% on day fees and animals wounded, Taxidermy, chemical preparation, ship-and-dipp,
Trophy fees on animals shot or wounded, Rifle hire and ammunition.
Air charters if needed, and accommodation before and after contract period, Gratuity fees for staff, telephone calls and curio purchases Additional excursions, Cites and dangerous game permits, Imported Liquor, Personal telephone calls and faxes, Conservation Fund of $10 per trophy taken.

A deposit of 30% of the day fees will confirm your booking and the balance is payable on date of arrival.
Payments must be made in US/ Euro currency, traveler cheques or bank guaranteed cheques
Banking fees are for the clients’ account. Although prices are subject to change without prior notice, all tariffs will be confirmed 7 days
before arrival It is the law: all animals wounded must be paid in full
Deposits are non-refundable

Comfortable clothes - Warm jacket - 1 light jacket - 1 pair light leather or canvas boots (worn in)
Pair of gloves - Cap or hat - Binoculars - Mosquito repellent - Razor with blades or batteries
Sunglasses - Flashlight -Personal medical kit
Please remember that we do your washing, so please, do not over pack!

Meals will be according to your taste and served with the best South African Wines.
It is important that you complete our booking form to help us plan the catering.

Visitors bringing firearms into South Africa for hunting purposes must fill in form SAP520: Temporary Import Application
This service will be done by any Global Safaris team member upon your arrival and free of charge.

Fill in the form beforehand. Black ink must be used. Form should be left unsigned.
Please note that not all sections of the form apply. Section D temporary import or export permit.
Section E- 1 25.4. Section G. Section I as requested.
Section J. Remember sign in front of Police Officer. Bring proof of ownership.
Invitation letter from hunting outfitter. The form itself is available at www.saps.gov.za.

Click here to Download SAP 520 Form

Vary between the different provinces and time of year so it is best to find out shortly before you pack
The terrain varies between dense bush and open savannah and grasslands.

Click here to see the WEATHER

Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant hunting minimum caliber 375 is required, Lions, leopards, antelope and medium
game calibers, 7mm/ 300, win mag or 30-60 will be sufficient
Big game: 40 full metal jacket cartridges as well as 40 soft point cartridges are required
Medium game: At least 50 soft point cartridges

No visa is required, but a valid passport is needed for entry to South Africa. No duties are payable for
importing of hunting weapons to South Africa. Declaration at customs upon arrival is essential
Rifles and Ammunition must be transported in lockable cases
Vaccination information is available from the National Disease Control Centre at 1-888-232-3299

Animals you wish to hunt must be specified when you do the booking. Hunters from countries which are signatory
to the convention must bring a photocopy of the original cites permit which can be obtained from
Federal Wildlife Permit Office, PO Box 3654, Arlington Va 22203. Telephone number 800-358-2104
Cites permits are required for leopard, elephant, crocodile, lion, hippo and all cats and primates

Global Safaris does not accept liability for death, injury, illness sustained or suffered by any person or loss,
theft or damage to property occurring during a safari under our control. Therefore,
it is essential that the lawful direction and advice of the safari operator is followed.
It is important to know that some hospitalization plans do not cover a patient in a foreign country.
Insurance is the responsibility of the visitor.
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